Wall test

One test to show the impenetrability of the invisible wall is to ask Dr. Kathleen Gibson, (kathleen.gibson@med.va.gov) two basic questions unanswered since 2004:

(1) Have you ever been my [Anthony O'Connell's] primary care provider? Please give a "yes" or "no".

(2) What is it in the computer system that prevents my [Anthony O'Connell's] medicine from being released?

What is the primary care provider trail starting in 2003? For example, the trail starts with Thomas Bast in Sedona, then to Dr Keng in Prescott, then to Dr. Gibson in Tucson, and so on. What was Dr. Keng's role since she never examined me? Was the Director of Primary Care at the Tucson VA, Dr. Kathleen Gibson, (kathleen.gibson@med.va.gov) ever my primary care provider? If yes, why did Dr. Gibson never examine me and why was my medicine stopped? If no, why was I led to believe she was?