I don't understand why my not having a telephone is used as justification for witholding care. This justification was not used before:

"Pharmacy is still working on a plan as they do not want to monitor you since you do not have a phone. we are working on an alternative plan; for now Joe is monitoring. your meds are due to be sent in june and not due for refils until sept."
2013.04.11  12:07pm   Randi Schmeling to Veteran

I don't understand why my not having a telephone is used to make it appear as if pharmacy can't communicate with me:

"I am writing in regard to your warfarin/anticoagulation management. As you have likely already heard, unfortunately the pharmacist in our Anticoagulation Clinic do not have access to Secure Messaging. Because I wok with Green Valley in a different capacity, I do have access to secure messaging. I was asked by the anticoagulation Clinic Pharmacist Marjorie, to send you a message to request that you contact her at your earlist convenience. She would like to work with you to find a solution for your warfarin management. If you can get access to a phone, she can be reached at 520-792-1450"
2013.04.04  11:23am  Eric Vanhoesen to Veteran

If pharmacy needs secure messaging why don't they have secure messaging? The pharmacy sent me postal mail before. Why doesn't the pharmacy use postal mail now? Why does the pharmacist remain silent? Does a veteran have to have a telephone to receive care? What is the pharmacist's position(s)?

Please notice that the heading for my web sites and points out that a phone call leaves no record but an email does.. If there is a misunderstanding and there is no record of who said what, the basis for judgment is left to the relative power and prestige of position. The VA will prevail over the veteran.

The element is not supposed to withhold treatment from a veteran and make it appear as if it is the veterans fault.