1 fill not 4 fills from 2 VAs

The only way to find out where medicine went is to follow the medicine trails. There is no other way. If the medicine trails can't be followed something is wrong. If something is used to divert attention from the medicine trails such as character assassinations something is wrong. It has been my experience that character assassinations prevail.

My medicine from the VA was stopped without explanation. Then, without explanation, two VA's sent me medicine:

VA 1 (SAVAHCS, Tucson) sent me medicine on May 9, 2013.

VA 2 (NAVAHCS, Prescott) started sending me medicine on May 1, 2013. It was sent in three parts: on May 1, June 17, and June 28, 2013.

All the bottles and all the enclosed refill requests forms from both VAs read "Refill 4 of 4" (except one which read "Refill 5 of 5"). 1fill2VAs17p

But I did not receive a fill 1 of 4, 2 of 4, or 3 of 4 of any of these medicines. Why does it appear as if 4 fills were sent when only 1 fill was sent? Can we follow the medicine trails before any more judgments are made?


June 3, 2013
Congressman Ron Barber writes Director Gardner of VA 1 about my medicine.

June 7, 2013
Director Gardner's assistant Bernadette Schaeffer calls my daughter Kate Simmons in California and tells her that she thought I was getting so much medicine from two VAs that she is concerned that I will bleed to death:

"Bernadette [Schaeffer] thought he may be getting too much medicine from 2 VAs that he could bleed out (To death) if this was the case"
(From Kate Simmons email of June 24, 2013, to Anthony OConnell. Kate is trying to remember what she was told in the June 7th telephone call)

June 13, 2013
Director Gardner writes Congressman Ron Barber:

"In reviewing Mr. O'Connell's records it was determined that he does not have a telephone. Ms
Schaeffer did contact his daughter Ms. Kate Simmons on June 7, 2013. Ms. Schaeffer confirmed
that, Mr. O'Connell is receiving medications from the Consolidated Medication Outpatient
Pharmacy and/or the SAVAHCS. He is also receiving medication from the Northern VA Health
Care System (NAVAHCS).
(From Director Gardner's letter of June 13, 2013, to Congressman Ron Barber)