This VA web site is excellent. It leaves a record. It penetrates the invisible wall. It records the veteran's medicine status. With the refill medicine part I can request refills if an empty box appears by the medicine. If the empty box does not appear I can not request requests refills.

I risked losing access to (or only the secure messenger part?) when I was accused of abusing the secure messager part. When I asked those accusing me for their evidence, I received no response. Because of this experience it would not be prudent for me to use secure messenger.

I lot of taxpayer money is spent on digitizing and synchronizing the VA and the DOD records. Why not see if the part of it works the way it is intended, or can it be falsified locally?

The only way to see where medicine went is to expose the medicine trails. If this veteran's medicine trails were exposed it would show that what was actually sent and what was made to appear as sent, are different.