"Dear Congressman Barber:
This is in response to your inquiry dated June 3, 2013, on behalf of Mr. Anthony Miner
O'Connell, who contacted your office regarding his medication renewals from the Southern
Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS). I asked Ms. Bernadette Schaeffer, Outpatient
Pharmacy Program Manager to review your request.
In reviewing Mr. O'Connell's records it was determined that he does not have a telephone. Ms
Schaeffer did contact his daughter Ms. Kate Simmons on June 7, 2013.
Ms. Schaeffer confirmed
that, Mr. O'Connell is receiving medications from the Consolidated Medication Outpatient
Pharmacy and/or the SAVAHCS. He is also receiving medication from the Northern VA Health
Care System (NAVAHCS). Ms Simmons was surprised that her father was still concerned about
his prescriptions, as he had recently told her that he had resolved the issue. Ms. Schaeffer
provided Ms. Simmons with her contact information if any issues with his medication arise.

The SAVAHCS strives to provide quality and compassionate care to all of our Veterans. We are
very concerned with patient care and the satisfaction of the Veterans we serve. If you have any
questions or concerns regarding this letter, please contact Ms. Bernadette Schaeffer at
(520) 792-1450, extension 5394.
Jonathan Gardner, MPA, FACHE
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System
(June 13, 2013)


Can we connect the dots?

Dot 1: Why make me appear at fault for the Director refusing to communicate with me?

If the implication in that I could not be contacted because I do not have a telephone please think that through. Why not contact me by postal mail, secure messaging or email? Why not respond to my many requests for medicine? ask-meds286p

I believe the Director's insistenting on using the telephone is insistenting on avoiding accountability. The way the Director uses the telephone is the primary reason I don't have a telephone.

Dot 2: Why use the veteran's daughter to make the veteran look bad?

I ask that my medicine be released and the Director has his assistant call my daughter 900 miles away and tells her I am getting so much medicine that the assistant is concerned that I could bleed to death.

This plants a wedge between me and my daughter unless I can convince Kate that what she is being told should not be trusted. The bleed to death advice makes no sense except to create the appearance of an emergency to justify the call.

Telephone tool.

My daughter asks that communication be in writing. A VA representative calls her again. They do not write. Why refuse my daughter's request to put in writing what the VA representative told her over the telephone? History suggests that the Director's insistence on using the telephone is the equivalent of insisting on not being accountable. kate4p , kate18p

My daughter is also my designated agent in the power of attorney which I gave the VA in 2009 and which I am powerless to retrieve. Given the history, common sense suggests that she could be used in conjunction with this poa by like VA representatives if she trusts what she is being told. Kate Simmons is also the executor of my Will. It is important that she not be used against me. poa6p , poa298p

Please judge for yourself. Does the VA Director frame the veteran? If so, how many times and in how many ways?

Dot 3: There should be some reason for the Director to disempower me; to attack my character, my resources, and the support of my family. What is it?

Please judge for yourself. Does the VA Director frame the veteran? If so, how many times and in how many ways?